Sony Xperia Z3 Android 6.0.1 啟用 sd card format as internal memory

惠雅的Sony Xperia Z3 upgrade to android 6.0.1 後,就再也無法安裝新軟體了。看起來是因為android 6  取消了app2sd or applink 這類的功能, 導致內部記憶體嚴重不足。雖然相對有新增一功能,可把sd card format as internal memory , 但不是所有的品牌手機都有開放這個功能。估計是因為SD card 的「寫」不見得能跟上系統的速度,硬上的話,恐怕會有問題。

還好,Sony 只是在UI 這塊移除這選項罷了,事實上可以透過adb shell 來做這件事。考量到系統效能,我選擇採購Sandisk , 寫入速度=U3 等級,128GB . 可以用個夠!ㄧ片大概2000有找。唯,這樣規格較高,價格較貴,買的人不多,大多沒現貨,必須要訂購。還好,ㄧ週內就到貨了。

照以下網址做,可以順利操作。我只分配40G for 系統用,剩下7xGb 就當做external sd 來用。

Actually, you can.

You need to use adb. You can choose to adopt a whole SD card or just part of the SD card.

IMPORTANT: this procedure will wipe your SD card (backup!) and not all apps can be transferred to the adopted storage.


Assuming you already have adb installed (otherwise, use the Minimal ADB app on your PC:

Open command prompt/Minimal ADB on PC, then type: adb shell
Once connected to phone, then type: sm list-disks
Note down the ID of your SD card.
To adopt the whole card, type: sm partition disk:ID private where ID is the ID of your SD card. Eg. sm partition disk:179:160 private
To adopt part of the card, type: sm partition disk:ID mixed % (where ID is the ID of your SD card, and % is the amount of space to remain as an External SD card.) Eg. sm partition disk:179:160 mixed 50
Open the storage settings. Your available storage amount will be messed up, but it will still work.
Select and open the adopted SD card partition. Tap the three dots in the top right hand corner. Select “Format as internal”.
I recommend that you use the mixed adoptable storage for two reasons:

It gives you flexibility
More crucially, the Sony camera app refuses to recognise the internal or adopted storage – it will only work if you have a standard SD card partition. Curiously, other apps (eg. Snapchat) do not seem to be affected by this.
Source: Me. I’m running 6.0.1 on a Z3 with a 64GB SD card, 90:10 split (adopted:standard).

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